ERP & IT Solutions

flexible and secure cloud ERP solution; as a startup you only need an internet connection and ERP will provide the complete infrastructure, training and support, all of this for a fraction monthly subscription..


The entire infrastructure providing the service is provisioned and maintained by QccsGroup and the users just have to pay a monthly subscription against the obtained service only. Users don’t need to pay for the infrastructure itself. The Cloud Service can be generated within a few minutes.


A new cloud service can be added any time, any individual service can be removed any time and any customization can be made in InnovBase Cloud ERP based on the organization’s requirements.


QccsGroup guarantees and safeguards its customers’ data confidentiality and security using the cloud services it provides. Solid backup, disaster and recovery plans are carefully designed and enforced to ensure customer data safety. QccsGroup Cloud Services can be acquired in a form of the below packages which suites the organization’s requirements.


Our collaboration web site is in fact an InnovBase community where InnovBasers share their knowledge and expertise using InnovBase that everyone can benefit from. There comes a time when an immediate answer is invaluable, this site will be the guarding angel that will have the answers to many questions that will save time and efforts in the development cycle and hence will increase productivity at the end-user level. This community will also provide insight to InnovBase platform and trigger creative ideas and inspire developers and endusers alike how to create powerful features and event-driven validations to name a few.


  • Financial Accounts, Material
  • Control, Sales Management, Procurement System Financial Accounts, Material
  • Control, Sales Management Procurement System, Project Accounting, CRM Additional ERP modules such as HR System, number of users and other services according to the organization’s requirement can be acquired.